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Here are a few ideas

Recycled products

Recycling is when we take something already used and find a way to turn it into something to be used again, but in a different way. In other words, it is a method of turning waste into new products or materials.

  1. Encourage your household to recycle more

Consuming less

Consumption means using or buying something, the more we consume the worse the effects are on our environment, we need to reduce our consumption.

  1. Motivate people to reduce how many new clothes they buy by buying more second-hand clothing
  2. Encourage people to use their own cutlery instead of getting plastic forks, plastic straws, etc.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is how much CO2 is put in the atmosphere by individuals, organisations, or a community. CO2, what plants"breathe" in and humans breathe out, is a gas that can be made naturally or man-made. When there is too much CO2, that is when our earth gets warmer.

  1. Encourage people to walk or use a bicycle instead of driving
  2. Inspire people to use less energy (turn off lights, save water etc.)