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Here are a few ideas


Exercise can help a person in so many ways. It can control weight and even make someone feel happier and more energetic.

  1. Encourage people to exercise

Drink water

The human body is made up of 60% water, not drinking enough has been found to affect our mood, memory and even increase the chance of getting a headache.

  1. Inspire people to drink more water
  2. Ensure everyone has access to clean water

Healthy food

Healthy Eating is important for health and wellbeing, we should eat a wide range of foods to ensure our body is getting the right nutrients it needs. This should be a mix of carbohydrates, fruit/veg and protein.

  1. Make it easier for people in your community to have access to healthy food
  2. Motivate people to eat their 5 veggies and/or fruits per day