Welcome to a new era of UX Design

We believe exceptional UX Design transcends technical skills, embracing mental clarity, well-being, and creativity. Our approach blends ancient practices of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques with modern UX Design.

UX, rooted in ancient wisdom, finds parallels in practices originating in Asia, such as the Indian concept of ‘pramana’ offering you a unique perspective to excel in the design field.


PRAMANA : Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Design

Delve into Pramana, the art of understanding and evidence, which enhances mental well-being and clarity in UX design. These principles empower UX designers with diverse methods to stay user-centric and data-driven.

Pramana Principles in UX

Unlock your transformation

Digital Influx is reshaping the UX training landscape with a blend of timeless wisdom and contemporary UX design. 

Our UX bootcamp strengthens you with the psychological edge & skills that sets UX designers apart in the competitive industry, enhanced by the power of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques

  • Enhanced Creativity: Unlocks your creative potential with the power of mindfulness.
  • Emotional Resilience: Manage UX-related stress more effectively through these practices.
  • Mental Clarity: Sharpen your focus for making precise design choices through meditation.
  • Empathy Deepening: Develop a deeper understanding of users for more resonant designs.
  • Awareness: Harness your senses for design inspiration and a holistic approach to your work.”

What Sets Our Bootcamp Apart

Beyond technical skills, in an ever-evolving design landscape we focus on mindful resilience, blending ancient wisdom with modern insights forming exceptional UX design.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • User-Centred Design: Deepen empathy and connect profoundly with user needs and emotions.
  • Stress Management: Equip yourself with techniques to navigate pressure and maintain peak productivity.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Elevate creative problem-solving through mindfulness practices.
  • Adaptability: Cultivate resilience to thrive in a world of evolving tech and changing user expectations.

The Path to Transformational UX Design

Discover the profound impact of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques on your UX design process.

Embrace the six means of Pramana as pathways to enhance your knowledge, and let them guide you to create UX designs that deeply connect with users
Welcome to a new era of UX Design – where mental clarity, creativity, and compassion meet to craft remarkable user experiences.