UX Salaries

Embark on a rewarding UX design career, known for its creative and human-centered focus. Our guide delves into 2023 UX designer salaries, offering insights on how they vary with experience and location.

Top UX Professionals

We’ve collected salary data from various sources like Glassdoor, Indeed, & ZipRecruiter.

To ensure accuracy, cross-referencing multiple sources is advised. Remember, these figures can vary due to the factors we’ve mentioned below.

Top UX professionals are rewarded with competitive compensation. Explore salary ranges for each career stage & envision your future earnings.


These are newcomers to the field with limited professional experience, often recent graduates. They can earn an average of between $75,000 - $90,000 annually, providing a solid foundation.


Mid- Level designers are well-versed in their roles. They can earn an average of between $115,000 - $130,00 per year.


Professionals with significant industry experience take on greater responsibilities & contribute to strategic decisions. They can earn an average of between $200,000 - £250,000 per year.

Design Salaries & Experience

UX salaries are influenced by market trends, expertise, skills, company size, industry, and location. Experience also plays a crucial role in compensation, and in the US market, UX designers fall into the following categories:

Your location can have a significant impact on your UX designer salary. Some areas offer higher average salaries for UX designers in major US cities/regions:

  • San Francisco, CA: USD $127,000
  • New York City, NY: USD $120,041
  • Dallas, TX: USD $108,372
  • Chicago, IL: USD $92,853
  • Seattle, WA: USD $107,913
  • Washington, D.C.: USD $85,755

UX design encompasses diverse career paths, each with its salary range. Glassdoor provides estimates for some related roles:

  • Junior UX designer: $88,581
  • Mid-career UX designer: $99,101
  • Senior UX designer: $128,790
  • Lead UX Designer – $143,189
  • Principal UX Designer – $163,429
  • UX Design Manager: $202,783

Thriving Industries

UX design is thriving in all sectors, offering competitive salaries. It spans across Travel, Gaming, Entertainment, Digital Media & eCommerce companies & more, with a particular emphasis on Tech, including HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, Cybersecurity & Data Science.

Startups and creative agencies also demand UX designers, frequently providing appealing compensation packages to attract top talent.

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